Powerlytics provides economic insights, risk assessment, and market intelligence information for the professional and financial services industries, among others. If you work in an industry not listed below and are interested in how Powerlytics can power better decisions for your business, please send us an email at sales@powerlytics.com or call us at (215) 375-7576.

Market Intelligence for Financial Services

Powerlytics’ unmatched financial data and cutting edge market intelligence platform provides vital economic and marketing insights, benchmark and market sizing information to shape business and investment strategies that will deliver results.

  • Commercial Banking – Powerlytics supports the most critical banking processes with unprecedented financial insight into business risk and market growth opportunities. Learn more
  • Retail Banking – Powerlytics helps retail bankers stand out from the crowd, win new customers and retain their current client base. Learn more
  • Investment Banking – Powerlytics proprietary algorithms and comprehensive financial data sources help you add value to your clients whether it’s your 100th deal or your first. Learn more

Market Intelligence for Professional Services

Powerlytics derives its data from the only consistent and complete source in the United States to capture financial information. The database is accurate, comprehensive, granular and consistent.

  • Accounting – Powerlytics provides financial accountants with comprehensive public and private company financial benchmarking and market sizing information. Learn more
  • Tax – Powerlytics provides tax accountants with an unparalleled advantage to assist them in winning new business, identifying risk and areas for improvement. Learn more
  • Advisory and Consulting – Powerlytics provides advisors and consultants with greater economic insights so they can advise with confidence. Learn more