Powerlytics provides economic insights, risk assessment, and market intelligence information, enabling clients to have an unparalleled view into today’s economy. Its market intelligence platform powers better decisions by using the most accurate and comprehensive business and consumer financial data available.

Our products and services make it easy to create predictive analytical models, score sectors, conduct precise benchmarking and market sizing reports, or perform detailed economic business and marketing research. With this powerful information, clients can drive corporate strategy, discover potential markets, evaluate competitors, and identify risks and trends in both the business and consumer sectors.

Trusted, Actionable Financial Intelligence Drives Critical Business Decisions

Powerlytics’ unmatched financial data and cutting edge market intelligence platform provides vital economic and marketing insights, as well as benchmark and market sizing information, to shape business and investment strategies that will deliver results. Access the most complete and accurate market data to:

  • Gain unparalleled insight on the financial strength of an industry or geographic sector
  • Score the risk or opportunity of a customer or market
  • Discover opportunities with complete market sizing reports that illuminate growth and potential
  • Analyze trends and develop predictive models
  • Manage risk with benchmark tools that use “Best-in-Class” information to evaluate current status in the market
  • Identify outliers quickly by comparing clients to industry and peers for further analysis