Never before could consultants access complete business and consumer financial data and transform it into actionable insights, helping them win new business, identify risk areas and areas for improvement.

Let Powerlytics’ proprietary tools and data assist you in critical areas such as:
  • Profitability Reviews – Compare clients’ gross profit percentage to peer group, identify overhead cost reduction opportunities
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Valuation support, sector analysis, analytical procedures for due diligence
  • Operational Reviews – Identify potential operational concerns based on peer group comparisons
  • Forensic Services – Identify anomalies in financial statements via peer comparison
  • Opportunity Identification – Generate additional consulting work by highlighting financial statement line items that are not considered “best in class”
  • Business Development – Include unique insights in your proposal to demonstrate your industry knowledge
  • Competitor Acquisitions – Target healthy markets, evaluate prospects
  • Industry/Market Knowledge – Demonstrate in-depth understanding of prospect’s market
  • Market Sizing – Understand prospect’s market positioning
  • Trusted Advisor – Begin to establish trusted advisor role by highlighting key areas for improvement compared to peer group
  • Business Research/White Papers – Demonstrate your firm’s deep domain and market understanding via targeted, data supported research

Powerlytics’ database provides over 80 financial line items and 30 ratios for 1,100 industries and all 30 million businesses in the United States. This includes all private and public companies. Powerlytics consumer database provides over 200 income and expense items for 154 million households/209 million adults. Powerlytics allows clients to match their data with its comprehensive financial and demographic data, with geographic granularity down to the zip+4 level. It is the most consistent, accurate, granular and comprehensive financial data on the state of the US economy.