Powerlytics provides flexible solutions for data and market intelligence reports that allow for immediate actionable insight and accurate decision-making.

Powerlytics derives its data from the only consistent and complete source in the United States to capture financial information. As a result, the database is:
  • Accurate – Significant penalties for inaccurate reporting vs. survey-based data with no penalties
  • Comprehensive – Includes all 30 million for-profit businesses in the U.S., not just those who completed a survey, as well as 154 million households/209 million adults
  • Granular – Detailed financial statements, 30 ratios for business and 200 income and expense items for households vs. highly summarized information provided by other vendors that rely on surveys
  • Consistent – All financials are derived from IRS* tax return data
Powerlytics allows you to slice and dice this data in over half a billion combinations, including:
  • Organization type – Corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship
  • Size – Many categories across sales and employment
  • Geography – From U.S. to Region (e.g., Northeast) to Division (e.g., Mid Atlantic) to State to MSA (metropolitan area) to County
  • Operating activity – Can obtain national or regional operating activity as well as individual locations (i.e., store locations)
  • Industry – Over 1,100 industries are covered using the government’s NAICS classification system
  • Years – 2002 – 2013