Powerlytics’ database provides commercial bankers a degree of business intelligence that has never before been available. Powerlytics proprietary algorithms and comprehensive financial data provide granular and accurate support for critical banking processes such as:

Commercial Credit Management

  • Stress testing/concentration strategy
  • Underwriting/statement spreading
  • Portfolio review
  • Key risk indicators

Business Development

  • Client business plan validation
  • In-depth market insight
  • Business advisory services

Market Research/Strategic Planning

  • Branch network optimization
  • Market assessment, evaluate both total industry market size and market health
  • Geographic financial health assessments
  • Marketing/product campaigns
  • Market enter/exit planning

Investment Management/Research

  • Investment analysis/public debt
  • Merger and acquisition support with detailed company benchmarking

Economic Research

  • Local / regional / national

Why Powerlytics

Powerlytics’ database provides full financial statements and 30 ratios for 1,100 industries and all 30 million for-profit businesses in the United States. This includes all private and public companies. It is the most consistent, accurate, granular and comprehensive financial data on the state of the U.S. economy. Powerlytics has the only database that provides complete and accurate market sizing for over 1,100 industries across granular geographic areas. It is not based on inaccurate and incomplete surveys. In contrast, it covers all companies with the most accurate financial data available in the market today.