Nothing can replace the experience of a top investment banker, but being the best without having the best decision-making support data can result in suboptimal decisions for your clients. Let Powerlytics’ proprietary algorithms and comprehensive financial data sources help you add value to your clients’ businesses, whether it is your 100th deal or your first.

Let Powerlytics help you mitigate risk and maximize opportunity in critical areas such as:

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Sell Side
    • Position company for higher valuation with peer comparisons
    • Improve marketing of the company with accurate market share analysis
    • Analyze industry and geographic sectors
    • Analyze business units to divest
  • Buy Side
    • Model combined business financials against peers
    • Understand market position of target
    • Analyze targets financial strength vs. competitors
    • Analyze industry and geographic sectors
    • Conduct financial due diligence
    • Conduct tax due diligence

Capital Raising

  • Analysis on company’s position in its industry
  • Financial trend analysis compared to peer group
  • Valuation support

Equity and Debt Issuance

  • Conduct a detailed health analysis of public bond offering
  • Evaluate strategic positioning of company’s store locations vs. competitors
  • Score company’s risk and opportunity profile against industry
  • Asses market risk and opportunity 

Research and Analytics

  • In-depth industry financial analysis and trending
  • Geographic strength assessments
  • Extensive middle market coverage
  • Detailed company customer demographics by location

Powerlytics’ business financials database provides full financial statements and 30 ratios for 1,100 industries and all 30 million businesses in the United States. This includes all private and public companies. Powerlytics consumer database covers 200 income and expense items for 154 million households/209 million adults. It is the most consistent, accurate, granular and comprehensive financial data on the state of the US economy.