Making a lending decision without accurate data to back up your decision is similar to playing a slot machine; it’s risky and the chances of losing are great. To help improve bankers’ lending and risk management decisions, Powerlytics has created Lending Workbench, a powerful new tool to help banks improve both the growth and profitability of their loan portfolio.

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Powerlytics Lending Workbench is a series of dashboards that provide financial institutions an unprecedented level of data accuracy and granularity throughout the lending lifecycle. These include:

  • Market Strategy Dashboard: Covers key decision points for bankers, such as totals for revenue, debt, and the number of companies across 1,100 industries, down to a county level based on company size
  • Portfolio Concentration Dashboard: Scores companies based on size and industry, across multiple geographies, or within a single geography. Users can score and assess risk, growth, and profitability across 30 million U.S. businesses

Leverage Better Data for Smarter Lending

  • Score over 1,100 different industry sectors by:
    • Risk, growth and profitability
    • Size of business categories
    • Geographic location down to a county level
  • Calculate the number of businesses by industry, size, location, and organization type
  • Understand both the total and average revenue and debt that businesses have
  • Rely on accurate financial information from 30 million U.S. businesses 


Powerlytics Lending Workbench

  • Utilize easy-to-use dashboards
  • Customize go-to-market industry risk assessments
  • Make critical decisions backed by accurate, actionable data