Financial benchmarking information and accurate, actionable data are essential for companies of any size or industry to have when making critical decisions.

Powerlytics Business Benchmarks® gives users a clear picture of how a company stands against its peers for an optimum risk/reward ratio. It does this by creating an accurate peer group from Powerlytics’ proprietary and anonymized database, combing through the financial statements of 30 million U.S. public and private businesses. Users can then upload a specific company’s financial statements for comparison.

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Business Benchmarks can then analyze the financial statements, highlighting anomalies across over 80 different financial line items and 30 ratios, displaying where a company stands against the performance quartiles created by its customized peer group, for a more accurate risk profile.

Get Clarity on a Company’s Health

  • Access the full financial statements of 30 million U.S. businesses
  • Understand the true market sizing for 1,100 industries, by location and company size
  • Compare a client, prospect or target across 80 line items against performance quartiles of its competitors 


Powerlytics Business Benchmarks

  • Create peer group
  • Make instant comparisons and analyses
  • Export results
  • Make critical decisions with accurate and actionable data