Working with suboptimal data can hinder Big Data analytics and research, leading to costly decisions. Due to the survey nature of today’s data, analysts have had to rely on inaccurate and incomplete data, sourced from incomplete surveys with the inability to conduct effective quality assurance, leading to costly mistakes. Whether your research requires business or consumer data, we have the accurate data you need. Powerlytics provides unique economic insights into over 30 million businesses, including complete financial statements for all for-profit public and private businesses. Using the most comprehensive and accurate database available in the United States, this unprecedented resource can be analyzed across 1,100+ different industry sectors, across thousands of geographic areas and can be filtered further by the size and legal form of the business. The data is anonymized, but constructed to allow unique insights across millions of combinations, providing both market totals and averages.

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Never before has a complete and accurate financial picture of United States households been possible. With over 200 financial variables for 154 million anonymized households/209 million adults, you no longer need to rely on incomplete and error-prone survey data. Whether you require the complete income picture at a zip+4 level, or total interest income in a single zip code, Powerlytics’ Consumer Research products have you covered. Whether you require raw data for independent analysis to append to other data sources, or to create scores, rankings or predictive models, Powerlytics’ proprietary database can help answer your most critical questions, with better accuracy to drive smarter decisions.