In today’s competitive marketplace, it is no longer good enough to use inaccurate data based on incomplete surveys that may suffer from selection bias and subjective responses. Whether your focus is the B2B or B2C markets or both, you now have the ability to obtain the most accurate and granular market sizing and financially-related data available on your business and consumer targets.

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No More Gaps and No More Guesswork

Powerlytics’ proprietary database and cloud-based Big Data products provide complete market sizing in over 1,100 industries across the United States, with the ability to understand market sizes at a county level. If you only care about companies with certain revenue or number of employees, we’ve got you covered. With products powered by the full financial statements of 30 million businesses, you can be confident that there are no gaps in the data, eliminating guesswork and uncertainty. You will not only understand the market size, but you will be able to understand what the competition looks like, how much they are spending on advertising, how much debt they carry and over 100 other financial metrics.

The Most Accurate Consumer Financial Data Available

If your focus is on consumers, Powerlytics provides the most accurate and complete financial picture of households available, covering over 200 financial variables at various levels of aggregation down to the zip plus 4 level. With coverage of more than 154 million households/209 million adults, you can now not only understand average income more accurately than ever before, but you can also understand all of the components that make up the income. Areas such as capital gains, interest and dividend income are now at your disposal. Need to understand market totals such as total interest income or total mortgage expense in an area? We have the data for that too.

Trying to fuel your company’s growth with inaccurate, incomplete and biased data can lead to bad decisions and costly mistakes. Improve your decision-making with the Powerlytics proprietary database and products to better understand what markets are critical to your success.