Considerable time and expense are put into designing and executing marketing campaigns that can include extensive information about targeted consumers. The missing component in all of this is an accurate and granular financial picture of the consumer. Income data and other financial metrics that are ‘inferred’ or extrapolated from incomplete survey’s subject to selection bias and misstatement are often utilized. The IRS conducted a study looking at the income data from the U.S. Census suvery and found that income was overstated by 30% to 60% overall, unless it was in wealthy areas in which case income was understated. This is a common problem with survey data, which up until now was the only way to obtain a financial profile of consumers.

Power-up your next campaign with the most accurate and complete financial data set of consumers available in the U.S.

Our audiences can be matched with incredible precision and scale due to the unique nature of the underlying data which comprises the anonymized tax returns of over 150 million households and 200 million adults to the 9 digit zip code level (zip+4). On average there are only 3-4 houses in the over 38 million zip +4 in the Powerlytics database. This ensures you can successfully reach your key target.

In blind test against verified income, Powerlytics income data was 96% accurate.

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Powerlytics’ discrete proprietary market segments by income range including:

  • Richest to poorest in the Nation
  • Households with Business Income or Loss
  • Households with a Capital Gain or loss
  • Household Disposable Income
  • Household Income
  • Household IRA Distribution
  • Household Non-Wage Income
  • Household Dividends
  • Household Interest Income
  • Households with Taxable Pensions and Annuities
  • Households with Retirement Income
  • Household Social Security Income
  • Investible Assets
  • Customized segments are also available

Sample Marketing Segments


Household information at a Zip+4 level gives you the ability to filter your data and apply discrete proprietary market segment filters to your data set. Powerlytics can create custom market segments for you from our over 200 consumer data elements. Additional items include student interest, tuition fees, real estate taxes, mortgage expenses, charitable contributions and many more.

Powerlytics also has a database of the financial statements of over 30 million businesses underpinned by their anonymized tax returns. This data can be segmented by size, industry and location.

Powerlytics works with some of the largest companies in the world helping them with targeting, marketing, risk analysis, economic analysis and predictive analytics.

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