Understand the relative risk in different industry sectors and companies within those industry sectors both across the U.S. and within specific geographic areas. Use cases include both accounting and consulting professionals to understand risk/opportunities for clients and for banks to help determine potential sectors for expansion or contraction in business lending.


Using Powerlytics' database of 30 million businesses, create a scoring model that evaluates the relative risk of each industry sector (over 1,100 industries) possible and the growth of each industry sector based on all the companies that operate on those sectors. Score both the industry and a company against their industry sector or against all industry sectors.


An intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard allows users to select an industry and accurately understand the risk in a sector compared to all other sectors. Individual companies can also be scored against their specific industry sector across the U.S. or at various geographic levels. Sectors can also be analyzed based on the size of the business to account for risk differences between small, medium and large businesses.

Powerlytics Industry Risk Assessment Dashboard