Powerlytics started as an effort to synthesize two distinct ends — academic research and financial services industry expertise — into a comprehensive predictive analytics solution.

Academic Research

On the one end, Powerlytics began with academic research and grew into a consultancy with key government agencies. From there, we developed an acute understanding of the lack of data quality that guides many of today’s financial and market-based decisions. A passion to create something more reliable, more accurate, and more comprehensive was born—and with it the fundamental vision driving Powerlytics.

In-Depth Knowledge of the Financial Services Industry

On the other end, Powerlytics emerged from our extensive grasp of the financial services industry and our experience creating knowledge-based applications and processes globally. This afforded us a deep understanding of how to measure, monitor, and control risk; identify new customers while retaining current clients; and cross-sell products. We also came to realize that much of the data in circulation is incomplete, inaccurate, and of poor quality—causing frustration and an inability to implement the best business decisions. These findings, coupled with our passion to build and create high performance teams that solve some of the most critical data issues, came together to create the perfect storm. Hence, Powerlytics was born.

Powerlytics helps solve the critical issues that have impeded professionals in conducting reliable, granular, and comprehensive predictive analytics, as well as in making timely and effective business decisions with minimal intrusion on customers. The challenges that have plagued traditional data collection and data aggregation companies include lack of critical mass, lack of consistency, and lack of quality control, to name a few.

All other data companies have relied on either primary or secondary surveys to collect business and consumer financial data. Survey-based data faces the common problem of inconsistent financial line item classification, leading to “apples and oranges” comparisons. It also prohibits the prospect of effective quality control, given the absence of comparative sources of truth and lack of comprehensive coverage.

The Most Comprehensive Consumer and Business Financial Data Available

Powerlytics’s market intelligence platform provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and granular consumer and business financial data available, underpinned by data derived from IRS* tax returns, as well as data from the U.S. Census and the Department of Labor.

Powerlytics delivers trusted, actionable financial intelligence to manage risk and locate growth opportunities for our clients’ businesses. Our products and services make it easy to create accurate predictive models, precise benchmarking and market-sizing reports, and to perform detailed economic, business, and marketing research. This powerful information can be leveraged to drive corporate strategy, discover potential markets, evaluate competitors, and identify risks and trends in both the business and consumer sectors.

Powerlytics’s unmatched financial data and cutting-edge technology provides vital economic marketing research, as well as benchmark and market-sizing information to shape business and investment strategies that deliver the results you want.

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