Experienced Leaders with Deep Expertise

Powerlytics is managed by a team of individuals with extensive experience in technology, research and finance. The senior management team is responsible for the definition, development and execution of the strategy.

Kevin Sheetz

CEO and Co-Founder

Kevin co-founded Powerlytics in 2011 and serves as CEO and Board Chair. Kevin is responsible for setting the strategic vision for Powerlytics and overseeing the execution of that vision to ensure Powerlytics unique and proprietary…

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Joe Godcharles


Joe Godcharles joined Powerlytics in early 2012 as one of Powerlytics first 10 employees. At Powerlytics, Joe’s experience and leadership have been focused on working collaboratively to develop and/or improve systems, processes…

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Leon Podolsky


Leon Podolsky started as an advisor at Powerlytics in 2011 and joined in 2014 as CTO. Leon is responsible for the Powerlytics data platform. He ensures the end-to-end flow of data from synthesis to customer delivery. Leon…

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Narahara Chari Dingari

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Narahara Chari Dingari joined Powerlytics in 2021 as Chief Data & Analytics Officer. Chari is responsible for setting the Data and AI strategy for Powerlytics and overseeing the execution of that strategy to better integrate

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