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Making smarter marketing decisions in a COVID world

Published 6th May 2021 Marketing

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Making smarter marketing decisions in a COVID world

Published 6th May 2021

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Investable asset data: Fine tuning the power to serve your clients

Published 5th Mar 2021

Businesses that know more about their customers tend to outperform their competitors. But sometimes, and for very good reasons, customers and clients like to play things close to the vest. We’ve recently...

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Recession Impact and Recovery Scores help banks and lenders improve portfolio risk analysis

Published 14th Sep 2020

The current economic downturn follows what is, perhaps, one of the country’s longest economic expansions.  But the expansion was not uniform in all parts of the country. In past analyses, we showed...

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What data from the Great Recession can tell us about the Coronavirus Recession

Published 15th May 2020

According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey in early April, nearly one out of every four small businesses closed their doors temporarily because of the coronavirus pandemic. A sizeable chunk of...

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What powers the rural economy?

Published 14th Feb 2020

Where there are humans, there is an economy. But what’s the economy like in places where there aren’t a lot of humans – specifically, rural places in the U.S.? For starters, it’s...

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Appearances can be deceiving. Here’s how data uncovered the hidden truths of rural economies

Published 23rd Jan 2020

Sometimes, appearances can be deceiving. Consider rural America. Lots of people on the coast consider it “flyover country.” That is to say, to some, rural places are just wide, empty spaces that...

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