Zero-friction Income Verification on 100% of US Households

Income Verification

Understanding Income: a Key Challenge for Lenders

Banks, Lenders and Credit Unions need an accurate, real time and frictionless way to understand income and ability to pay.


Many institutions use bank-permissioned data or manual income verification which add customer friction and cost


Others use payroll-based solutions which deliver incomplete applicant pool coverage (~25% – 35%) at a higher cost.

Powerlytics True Income

To solve this problem, Powerlytics has developed Powerlytics True Income, a suite of Income Verification and Estimation products that leverage anonymized income data from tax returns covering over 150M U.S. households and over 200M adults. Without needing any customer permission True Income can:

Solves Key Challenges

Powerlytics True Income helps banks, credit union and lenders make better decisions

Adding Value Across the Prospect Funnel and Customer Lifecycle
Loan Decisioning

Getting to “yes” without adding friction to the loan decisioning process.

Prospect Targeting & Pre-screen

Improving prospect targeting, pre-screen or pre-qual methodology / results.

Credit Card Line Increases

Expanding proactive credit line increases by using Powerlytics income instead of stale customer income.

Advantages of Powerlytics True Income

Reviewed for Use by Regulators

True Income, underpinned by anonymized tax filing data, has been reviewed by the OCC and used by a leading consumer regulatory agency.

Covers 100% of US Income Tax Filers

Many other solutions are limited to a narrow range of the population.

Covers All Sources of Income

Includes W2, Interest, Dividend, Capital Gains, Retirement, Schedule C self-employment income, etc., vs. just payroll data.

Zero Customer Friction

The only information needed is the prospect or customer’s 9-digit ZIP Code. Based on this data alone, Powerlytics can deliver a highly accurate income score or estimate.

Accelerating Lending with Powerlytics True Income

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Powerlytics Unleashes a Significant Revenue Stream for Credit Card Issuers

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