With a database of tax return data for 30 million for-profit businesses segmented into over 1,100 industries and 200 income and expense items for 154 million households/209 million adults, Powerlytics provides tax accountants with access to comprehensive public and private company and household tax filing data, providing an unparalleled advantage to assist them in winning new business, identifying risk areas and areas for improvement.

Let Powerlytics’ proprietary tools and data assist you in critical areas such as:

Tax Services

  • Tax Planning – Identify areas for business and individual improvement based on detailed peer comparisons
  • Tax Compliance – Identify potential IRS audit review areas based on deviations from a well-defined peer group
  • Value Added Reporting – Impress clients with peer comparisons 
Powerlytics derives its data from the only consistent and complete source in the United States to capture financial information – the tax return. As a result, the database is:
  • Accurate – Significant penalties for inaccurate reporting vs. survey-based data with no penalties
  • Comprehensive – Includes all 30 million businesses and 154 million households/209 million adults in the U.S., not just those who completed a survey. Moreover, this information is obtained every year and updated quarterly from the entire population, as opposed to every ten years with Census surveys for consumer data and periodic intervals for businesses
  • Granular – 200 tax return line items, including the full Form 1040 as well as key schedules, as opposed to highly summarized information caused by inconsistent survey classifications
  • Consistent – All financials are derived from IRS* tax return data
Powerlytics allows you to slice and dice this data in a number of combinations, including:
  • Income – 7 Adjusted Gross Income(AGI) ranges
  • Geography – From U.S. to Region (e.g., Northeast) to Division (e,g,. Mid-Atlantic) to State to MSA (metropolitan area) to County to Zip Code
  • Years – 2004 – 2013