Insurance carriers are continually looking for new and innovative data sources that allow them to better understand a policyholder’s risk level. Powerlytics’ unique data set provides insurance companies with information currently unavailable from other sources, allowing our insurance clients to make more informed business decisions to attract and retain the right individuals and businesses. This ultimately results in greater profitability for your business and adverse selection for your competitors.

Powerlytics’ proprietary data is the latest data resource insurance professionals are using to understand risk.

Collected from over 30 million businesses and 154 million consumer households/209 million adults, our data is the most consistent, accurate, granular and comprehensive business and personal financial data available on the market.

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Property and Casualty Insurance

Develop more effective strategies for marketing, pricing, underwriting and claims

Personal Lines

Sales and Prospecting

  • At the street level, analyze income metrics from both Salaries and Wages as well as other income sources, such as dividends and capital gains (Prospects with other income have an increased likelihood of needing additional insurance coverage such as umbrella, boat, recreational vehicle, and jewelry insurance)
  • Uncover city blocks where rental income has been collected, and contact prospects about a landlord insurance quote

Pricing and Underwriting

  • Use non-income related variables, such as number of dependents, mortgage interest or charitable giving, to determine if they are correlated to loss, and build into your pricing and underwriting strategies


  • Identify policyholders who may be at risk for shopping and not renewing by using our disposable income metric at the zip+4 level


  • Use our financial health indicator to get ahead of the increased claim volume, and assign the right claims teams to the right areas (The volume of claims filed is directly linked to the financial health of a region)


  • Improve your chances of identifying fraudulent claims by using the most up-to-date and granular income information available

Commercial Lines

Sales and Prospecting

  • Search our business database to identify geographic areas where high growth businesses exist and are thriving financially


  • Use our business benchmarking application on your manually underwritten policies, such as Workers Compensation
  • Compare the payrolls for the business being underwritten against similar businesses in the regional area

Life Insurance

Ensure that your customers are adequately covered in the event a family needs to replace the annual net income of a deceased loved one

Sales and Prospecting

  • Identify areas where average incomes have been increasing and contact them to discuss the need to review their current policies
  • Identify areas where the average number of dependents is on the rise and reach out to the households to ensure they are adequately covered

Income Validation

  • Use our income predictor to get an estimate of your clients’ income prior to discussing their insurance needs

Agent Economics

Determine the best area to successfully place your next insurance agency based on the financial health of an area, as well as how insurance agents currently perform in that area

Why Powerlytics

Powerlytics’ database provides a full financial view of all 154 million households/209 million adults and 30 million for-profit businesses in the United States. It is the most consistent, accurate, granular and comprehensive financial data on the state of the U.S. economy. Powerlytics has the only database that provides complete and accurate market sizing across granular geographic areas. It is not based on inaccurate and incomplete surveys. In contrast, it covers all households and companies with the most accurate financial data available in the market today.