Retail banking is a competitive market. With the Powerlytics Market Intelligence Platform, get out in front of the competition by uncovering new opportunities and areas for growth, while retaining your current customers and acquiring new ones. Powerlytics Market Intelligence Platform includes the most granular and consistent financial data available on the market today, including comprehensive financial data not available elsewhere, and over 200 income and expense items for 154 million households/209 million adults. Powerlytics allows clients to match their data with its comprehensive financial and demographic data, with geographic granularity down to the zip+4 level. Powerlytics has the most accurate and comprehensive financial coverage of small and mid-size businesses available in the marketplace today. Powerlytics provides the full financial statements for all private and public for profit businesses in the U.S., allowing you to understand risk and market opportunity profiles to underpin critical business decisions.

Let Powerlytics help you stand out from the crowd, win new customers and retain your current client base.


  • Bank branch site selection with detailed income measures at the zip+4 level
  • Share of Wallet analysis with detailed analysis of household income and expense items such as interest income and mortgage expense
  • Unprecedented insight into comprehensive consumer health to evaluate risks and market opportunities
  • Consumer loan underwriting and market analysis
  • Detailed income verification, covering areas such as interest, dividends and capital gains
  • Unique competitive advantage in Private Wealth and Financial Planning with valuable insights for your clients
  • Small-business loan underwriting and market analysis
  • Loan portfolio concentration analysis