Powerlytics’ proprietary big data analytics platform can be used to drive corporate strategy, discover potential markets, evaluate competitors, mitigate risk, benchmark performance, and enhance both business and consumer target marketing.

Smarter Data for Today’s Growing Business Needs

Powerlytics’ unmatched financial data and cutting-edge technology provide real economic data to underpin critical business decisions. This includes vital economic marketing research, scoring or rating risks and opportunities, and benchmark and market-sizing information to shape business and investment strategies that deliver positive results. Powerlytics’ products offer the most complete and accurate market data to:

  • Gain unparalleled insight on the financial strength of an industry or geographic sector
  • Discover opportunities with complete market-sizing reports that highlight growth potential
  • Analyze trends and develop predictive models
  • Identify outliers with accurate and granular peer analysis of both businesses and consumers
  • Score and rank geographic areas based on industry sectors and consumer growth, profitability and risk
Powerlytics has products to meet your business needs:
  • Lending Workbench – Powerlytics Lending Workbench is a series of dashboards that can assist bankers through the whole lending life cycle, from portfolio strategy to lending decisions and ongoing credit and portfolio management. Learn more
    Download our Lending Workbench Information Sheet
  • Business Benchmarks – Powerlytics Business Benchmarks allows users to analyze a company against all of its peers by creating a peer group from Powerlytics’ proprietary and anonymized database. Learn more
    Download our Business Benchmarks Information Sheet
  • Business Research – Powerlytics Business Research offers users the ability to build highly precise research reports, backed by the most complete and accurate financial data on businesses available, to gain deep economic insights. Learn more
  • Consumer Research – Powerlytics Consumer Research offers an unprecedented view into the health, risk, and market opportunity associated with U.S. consumers. This view is based on billions of possible combinations derived from Powerlytics proprietary consumer database. Learn more

Combing its proprietary database and state of the art market intelligence platform, Powerlytics can create easy to use solutions to address your most critical business needs. Learn more