For years, analysts have had to rely on inaccurate and fragmented data sourced from incomplete surveys, making it extremely difficult for them to conduct effective quality assurance. Working with this suboptimal data can greatly hinder the accuracy of Big Data analytics and research, leading to costly decisions.

Powerlytics Business Research gives data scientist, researchers, analysts, and others the ability to build highly precise research reports, backed by the most complete and accurate financial data on businesses available. Our research data covers all 30 million companies and all 29 million establishments in the U.S.

With Business Research, users can manipulate Powerlytics’ data across exceptionally granular parameters to create unparalleled insights into the financial strength of an industry or geographic sector. These parameters include:

  • Size – Sales and Employment
  • Geography – Entire U.S., Census Region, Census Division, State, MSA, County, Zip Code
  • Organization Type – Corporation, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships
  • Industry Detail – NAICS 2-6-digit classification system

Analyze Trends and Develop Predictive Models

Powerlytics has the most comprehensive and accurate U.S. business data available – on 1,100 industry sectors and thousands of geographic areas – that can be filtered by both size and legal form of each business. This data is anonymized, but constructed to allow unique insights across billions of combinations.