Today’s dynamic marketplace requires more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the risk environment you are working in. Regulators continue to expect a more dynamic understanding of the risk characteristics of the markets your business is engaged in, whether that involves businesses, consumers or both.

Powerlytics’ database provides the most complete picture of financial risk in businesses and consumers available – anywhere. The financial statements of all 30 million for-profit businesses in the U.S. and a complete financial picture of 154 million households/209 million adults underpin Powerlytics’ propriety database and products.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

The process of evaluating, scoring, and ranking industry, consumer or geographic risk requires accuracy. Powerlytics has the in-depth and accurate Big Data analytics and tools needed to approach risk from a position of strength, allowing optimization of the inherent risk involved in running a business.

While improving your bottom line with Powerlytics’ risk-based solutions, you can simultaneously support your conclusions with regulatory bodies. No longer will you have to approach a regulatory exam with concern over whether you can support your risk profile and decisions you have made. Over 1 billion different combinations of data are at your disposal to support key decisions and positions taken.