Having a comprehensive picture of the U.S. economy based on all business and all households to understand risks and opportunities for market growth and risk reduction.


Using Powerlytics' proprietary database of all business and households in the U.S., create a relative ranking of all metropolitan and micropolitan areas based on the financial performance and risk of each business and the strength of the consumers in those areas.


A financial health index of the U.S. was created. It comprised of a comprehensive scoring of the relative strength of every metropolitan and micropolitan area in the U.S with the ability to customize the model to rank economy at different geographical areas and different levels of industry classification. Easy-to-use selection criteria and drill-down mapping capability provide a clear economic picture using the most comprehensive and accurate economic business and consumer data available.

Step 1: Select geographic level for analysis from Region, Division, State, MSA, County or Zip Code. Select level of industry analysis from NAICS 2 – NAICS 6 (SIC Code also available). Run relative rankings of financial performance, financial risk and consumer strength and determine the weighting factors to combine the three ranking to obtaining the overall scoring.


Step 2: Create map and drill down to understand key economic details in desired locations.

Powerlytics Financial Health Index – Metropolitan Level