Powerlytics’ market intelligence platform provides the most comprehensive, accurate and granular consumer and business financial data available, underpinned by data derived from IRS* tax returns, as well as data from the U.S. Census and the Department of Labor. This one of a kind Big Data platform is made possible by proprietary algorithms developed from over a decade of academic research and work with various agencies.

Unlike survey-based data, which is often subjective, inaccurate and inconsistent, Powerlytics is the first and only market intelligence platform to access complete business and consumer financial data and transform it into actionable insights. Powerlytics’ data is complete and objective, and is able to be combined with your customer data for a comprehensive view, meaning you never have to settle for incomplete answers or approximations.

With the unparalleled insight and analytics that Powerlytics provides, businesses are able to answer critical questions more accurately, leading to smarter business decisions.

Our Business Data

Census Bureau
Labor Department

The Data
  • 30M Companies
  • 34M Establishments
  • Complete income statement
  • Complete balance sheet
  • Ratios & Performance Quartiles
  • 2007 – Current
    (updates through the year)
The Filters
  • Industry: 1,100 NAICS codes
  • Location: US – county, zip
  • Size: sales and employment
  • Organization type: corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship
The Confidentiality Restrictions
  • Anonymized: no company names
  • Minimum of 4 companies per query

Our Consumer Data


The Data:
IRS Tax Returns
  • 154M Households/209M Adults
  • 200 line items
  • 2004 – Current
    (updates through the year)
The Filters
  • Adjusted Gross Income
  • Location: US – Zip4
The Confidentiality Restrictions
  • Anonymized: no names or addresses
  • Minimum of 10 households per query

Our Quality

Powerlytics derives its data from the only consistent and complete source in the United States to capture financial information – the tax return. As a result, the database is:
  • Accurate – Significant penalties for inaccurate reporting vs. survey-based data with no penalties
  • Comprehensive – Includes all 30 million for-profit public and private businesses and 154 million households/209 million adults in the U.S., not just those who completed a survey. Moreover, this information is obtained every year and updated quarterly from the entire population, as opposed to every ten years with Census surveys for consumer data and periodic intervals for businesses.
  • Granular – Detailed financial statements for businesses and 200 income and expense items for households vs. highly summarized information provided by other vendors that rely on surveys
  • Consistent – Financial statements are not subject to the “apples and oranges” issues faced by combining survey-based financial statements with different line item classification. All financials are derived from IRS* tax return data.

Our Platform

Powerlytics’ proprietary market intelligence platform can be accessed through one of Powerlytics’ cloud-based products, its API, or through a custom-developed dashboard or solution that brings answers to your business challenges. Cut through the noise of Big Data with the clarity made possible by the Powerlytics market intelligence platform.