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Kevin Sheetz

CEO and Co-Founder

Kevin co-founded Powerlytics in 2011 and serves as CEO and Board Chair. Kevin is responsible for setting the strategic vision for Powerlytics and overseeing the execution of that vision to ensure Powerlytics unique and proprietary solutions are leveraged effectively to bring value to their clients and partners. Prior to Powerlytics, Kevin ran his own consulting firm assisting early-stage companies with their strategy. He was also a VP & Managing Partner of Global Business Operations at Unisys. Kevin is a former audit and advisory partner at KPMG and was a financial services specialist earlier in his career. Significant milestones include the development of a global risk assessment tool used for banks, running an information-based internet joint venture focused on financial services, and building and leading KPMG’s global knowledge management group as well as leading KPMG’s regional risk management practice. Kevin has served on numerous Boards and Community organizations throughout his career. He is the immediate past Board Chair and currently serves on the Executive Committee for Woods Services, a $300 million non-profit focused on helping children and adults with intellectual and behavioral disabilities and serves on the Board and Executive Committee for Tabor Children Services, a social welfare agency benefiting disadvantaged children in the greater Philadelphia area. Kevin has served Tabor since 1995 and is also a past Board Chair. Kevin graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a BS in accounting and is a non-active CPA.

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