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Published 19th Sep 2014
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We introduce this dynamic new tool as an exciting forum to provide our followers with a valuable resource where they can follow important developments at Powerlytics, as well as across the big data and database environment at large. Our goal is to make the blog a treasure trove of insightful, helpful perspectives on leading strategies and tactics that are being used to optimize the value of big data and databases, especially Powerlytics.

Our company was born from the melding of, on the one end, some of the most advanced analytics of publicly available information and, at the other end, a deep appreciation for the value of analytics and applications to improve decisions across a number of dimensions.

At one end, our academic research and governmental agency consulting engagements informed our development of proprietary algorithms capable of creating a wealth of financial and other information by stitching together disparate databases of financial and publicly available information. At the other end, extensive experience creating global, knowledge-based financial services database applications and processes provided us with a deep understanding of how to mine databases for unique insights.

At each end, we saw an opportunity to improve critical financial and market-based decision-making, which has heretofore been limited by the poor quality or incomplete and inaccurate information in most databases. These limitations are primarily the result of databases built on business and consumer financial information that is collected through either primary or secondary surveys, which, in addition to frequently being subjective, is fraught with other well-documented weaknesses.

Thus, Powerlytics was born with a passion to create a more reliable, accurate and comprehensive database that facilitates reliable, granular and comprehensive business and consumer analysis.

Powerlytics owns the first and only complete business and consumer financial database, meaning you never have to settle for incomplete answers or approximations. With financial and other important (key) data on over 27 million for-profit public and private businesses and over 144 million anonymized households. Whether your focus is the B2B or B2C markets, you no longer need to rely on incomplete and error-prone survey data.

Powerlytics’ market intelligence platform eliminates the guesswork. It allows for unprecedented insights into both the consumer and business sector to understand risk, identify market growth opportunities and conduct predicative analytics, analysis and research with a degree of precision that improves outcomes. Our market intelligence platform is being used to drive corporate strategy, discover new markets, evaluate competitors and identify risks and trends.

We encourage you to stop back often. We promise to help you get a better appreciation of the big data world, and how we are helping drive innovation for better information, data and insights that will lead to smarter answers, decisions and, ultimately, enhance business opportunities.