Identify the most advantageous location for your next bank branch based on key demographics.


Powerlytics' proprietary database allows you to select from a variety of income metrics, including capital gains, interest, dividends, IRA, Pension, Annuities and Social Security to locate the best zip+4 to place your next branch. Understand the best products to market based on granular financial household and business data in the area.

Step 1. Understand the Macroeconomic picture of surrounding area. Identify territory best suited by filtering based on key criteria such as total income, business income, interest income and mortgage expense. Understand growth rates and market totals as well as averages.


Step 2. MSA that best matches your criterion is identified based on your filters.


Step 3. Identify the best zip code or zip+4 to place your branch and determine the best products to market to your surrounding customers.